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Nutrition Awareness + Action = Success

We were excited to work with both Mel and Bob Kraft on their individual nutrition journeys and help them find success in being more aware of what works for them, and refining their nutritional habits. Congratulations to them on their success, and maybe you can relate to their story...

"After deciding that we needed to become more aware of our nutrition and diet, my wife and I worked with SoMoved — and we couldn’t be happier with the results! Sarah was our contact, but I am sure everyone at SoMoved is fantastic to work with. Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable, and explains the importance of proper nutrition in a way that is easily understood. Sarah also understands that everyone is different — they have different goals, different levels of fitness, different backgrounds, different eating habits, etc., and is more than capable of implementing a strategy that can work for anyone. Commitment comes from both sides, and she is genuinely committed to her clients’ success. Jointly, our success came in the form of the following:

  • big drop in body fat percentage

  • added muscle mass

  • improved muscle quality

  • big drop in waist size

  • And, most importantly, vastly improved knowledge of how to approach food and fitness moving forward.

Our time with SoMoved, and Sarah, was a huge success, and we will use the tools she gave us for the rest of our lives. (An important point: my wife is mostly vegetarian, and I’m more of a meat eater… this was not a problem at all!) I highly recommend SoMoved to anyone who is looking to improve their health, and to gain life long skills/tools on how nutrition affects daily life."

- Bob and Mel Kraft

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