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In order to deliver excellent services to all of our clients, and because of the amazing demand created by our clients' results, we are accepting Individual Nutrition Coaching clients who reach out to us through our website CONTACT page. Please note that a request for coaching is not a confirmation of services. Your requests will allow us to reach back out to you to confirm our availability to meet and take you on as a client!  Thanks!



Online Individual Nutrition Coaching

3 consecutive months of Online Nutrition Coaching. Includes 4 video meetings or calls, body measures assessment, goal setting, customized nutrition plan, weekly online coaching check-in, daily coaching access, monthly video meetings with your coach and plan adjustments.  $200/month (total $600) > CONTACT US


Individual Nutrition Coaching

3 consecutive months of Nutrition Coaching. Includes 4 in-person nutrition assessment meetings, goal setting, body composition & health markers, customized nutrition plan, weekly online coaching check-ins, daily coaching access, and monthly re-assessments and plan adjustments. $225/month (total $675)  > CONTACT US


Individual Maintenance Coaching

A 3-month continuation for our clients coming directly from one of our Individual 3-Month Nutrition Coaching Programs to continue their progress...with access to our online coaching program, monthly check-ins (vs. weekly) and monthly reassessments and guidance.  $110/month (total $330)  > CONTACT US


Nutrition Assessment

Includes in-person or online visit, current nutritional assessment, goals assessment, body composition testing (if in-person), basic health markers, and guidance on beginning a nutritional adjustment. Cost: $250  > CONTACT US

Body & Health Markers

Having basic body measures is useful information for measuring your results. This service includes in-person body composition testing and health metrics including body fat analysis, weight, muscle quality, blood pressure, resting heart rate, and body measurements.  Cost: $60 each session.  > CONTACT US


Nutrition Challenges

We've customized and run Nutrition Challenges for fitness facilities, gyms, and even companies. To request a nutrition challenge created specifically for your community, select this option. Prices vary based on population and custom needs.  Prices Vary.  > CONTACT US


Nutrition Seminars & Programs

Contact us for help building a customized nutrition program for your gym or business. From kicking off a challenge with a seminar to advising your HR department on nutrition programs in the workplace, we've done all of it and can help!  Prices Vary.  > CONTACT US

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