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Busy Mom Makes Big Gains. Client Profile: Jackie Braner

A huge congratulations to Jackie Braner for completing our 3-Month Individual Nutrition Coaching Program with some incredible results!  Jackie, a busy, working mom of 3, tackled her nutrition with us and as a result dropped nearly 15 lbs and shed 7.4% body fat, while gaining 25.5% muscle quality and retaining her lean body mass!  In the process she also shed 15 inches.  Her excellent results also translated into many performance PRs in the gym, her feeling great, and having control with some new habits around fueling herself.  This kind of result is exactly what we were after for Jackie, and she can now manage her nutrition as she moves forward with a sense of control and confidence.  Here’s what Jackie told us about her nutrition journey with SoMoved:

“I am so grateful for Sarah and SoMoved Nutrition! It has been amazing to remind myself what I am capable of. After having my 3rd daughter, I tried to go back to the things I had been doing previously to maintain my physical and mental health, but I quickly realized the things I was doing before were no longer working for me. I knew I needed to do something different, and I needed help doing it.

I sat down with Sarah and even though I felt initially overwhelmed with the change, she presented it in a way that made it seem manageable, and was there to support me along the way. After my first month, I had such amazing change that I was excited to stick to the program and see what else I was capable of doing. Over the last 3 months, I have seen changes in SO many aspects of my life- physical changes in my body, improved performance in the gym, and an improved perception of self. I now feel equipped with the knowledge and tools I need to be able to maintain, but know I can always count on Sarah and SoMoved to be there for me if I need guidance. Thanks for being there to support me, encourage me, and ask the hard questions! I will forever sing your praises to anyone who will listen.”

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