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"I Am Changed Forever" Client Profile: Andrea Arce

Join us in congratulating Andrea Arce, and catch her inspiring story here as she, a SoMoved Nutrition Client for 6 Months, shares her incredible transformation story with us in her own words. Andrea lost 33 pounds, shed almost 16 inches from her body, dropped over 8.8% body fat and gained muscle quality. She reworked her habits and daily routine and feels FREEDOM with that - more energy, better sleep, and improved overall health. Thanks, Andrea for sharing your experience here and for letting us be part of your journey.

"As I reflect on the past 6 months, I am in shock and awe of how my life literally changed for the better. Prior to starting my journey with SoMoved, I was begging my doctors for help. I constantly felt tired, and often would have to take 2 naps during the day just to make it through a full day. I was working out regularly, but I’d feel winded at the simplest of cardio. Walking, running, and biking caused my joints to hurt, my ankles to swell up, and an exhaustion that was like no other. I went on multiple fad diets, paleo, keto, Whole30, all to end up crashing when a bad day turned into weeks of poor decisions. I honestly didn’t see the damage and thought that since I was working out so hard, that I was meant to be at the weight where I was.

I literally owe my life to my wonderful coach Andrea, she heard my cries, offered my

simple, yet challenging solutions. She took the time to educate me, and gently nudge me towards success. I learned how much I was over-eating and often eating in response to my emotions. One of the words I have repeated multiple times has been “freedom." Working with Andrea gave me back freedom to enjoy good food, and to remove all feelings of guilt from my day. I don’t look at my eating as cheats, treats, etc.… I just see it as a meal.

A few huge milestones, when I initially started, I was wearing a size 14 in clothes, in the past 6 months, my body has literally transformed, and I am now wearing clothing sizes 6-8… (WHAT?!) I also started running… this, coming from the girl who could barely walk a mile in March/April, ended 2020 with a 5k run… As I hit major milestones, I decided to do weighted walks to commemorate the lbs. lost. Ten, 15, 20, 30 lbs. lost, and I’d fill my backpack with weight so that I could walk around my neighborhood wearing what I had lost. During this time, I also walked a total of 890 miles (woah!)

One of my gym victories was shaving off my 5k row. I don’t think I understood the changes until I was challenged to row a timed 5k, and when I saw my time at the end, I literally fell off my rower in tears of joy! Today, as I write this, I am changed forever. This isn’t the end of my journey, but a chapter. I am forever grateful for Andrea and the team at SoMoved, for the knowledge that is shared, and for the amazing work that is done. And to Andrea, thank you for truly taking the time to get to know me, hearing my pain, identifying areas of improvement, and for doing so with such compassion and gentleness."


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