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Client Profile - Stephanie Brennan

Stephanie is a competitive CrossFit athlete who at 43 years young wanted to optimize her training by tackling her nutrition, as well. With SoMoved, Stephanie dropped more than 10% body fat, gained nearly 10% muscle quality and 9 pounds of lean body mass. Here's her story!

"I decided to try and tackle my poor eating (jelly bean problem) with the help of SoMoved. My goal was to improve my performance in training as well as my recovery. Weight loss was NOT a primary goal. I just wanted to feel better and less sluggish.

After my initial assessment with SoMoved I was given a plan with how many proteins, fats, and carbs to eat each day and across meals. On day one at 3pm I texted my coach and said 'I quit.' I had already hit my carb numbers and I was hungry. I legit didn't think I could do it. Fortunately she talked me off the ledge, told me to chill, and start over trying different food choices and combos the next day.

To say I am happy I didn't give up is an understatement. I am so thrilled with the results I have experienced with SoMoved. I have hit new PRs, my gymnastics has improved, and I just have more energy overall. Not to mention my chronically swollen stupid knee is considerably less so.

People told me several years ago that I should complete my fitness regimen by plugging in the nutrition part. I thought that since I had had reasonable success in CrossFit while eating whatever I wanted that I didn't need to. I was wrong. Figuring out the nutrition piece has had significant results on multiple levels. And I'm not saying I hit my numbers perfectly or stick to it every day. I still work 12 hour night shifts and at 3am I'll eat just about everything and anything, lol. But I now have the tools to get me back on track after I fall off, and to guide me through my nutrition choices each day if I so choose.

Thanks SoMoved for the education and guidance."


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