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Client Profile - Marissa Hooper Tonelero

Marissa is a pediatric ICU nurse, has shed 10.8% body fat, lost 11 lbs of weight, gained 12 lbs of lean body mass, and dropped 9 inches. Here's her nutrition story...

"When I first met with Sarah she mentioned I was going to learn how to eat during this program. In my head I was thinking 'is she serious? I know how to eat.' But that couldn’t have been further from the truth. I learned so much about nutrients and balancing healthy and unhealthy food options. I started realizing that losing weight wasn’t all about the pounds lost, but more about body composition and the balance between exercise and healthy eating habits.

My thoughts went from 'I want to lose weight therefore I should eat less' to 'I want to gain muscle and shed fat therefore I should fuel my body.' It really was a dramatic mental change. Not only did my diet habits change for the better, but my exercise movements dramatically improved. I began CrossFit right before I started SoMoved and throughout the program I saw many PRs and improvement in my mobility and confidence. Of course, life has its ups and downs, so none of this is to say I completed the program perfectly. I had moments of finding myself eating junk or not wanting to workout, but I found that the more I got into the program the quicker my bounce back to my 'new normal' of healthy living was. Working with Sarah has been arguably one of my best life experiences and I am so thankful for her support and knowledge."


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