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Client Profile: Amanda Mason-Singh

Major props to Amanda Mason-Singh for her commitment to her nutrition and the results she gained from working with SoMoved for 6 months in our customized Individual Nutrition Coaching Program! Amanda lost 25.2  pounds, shed almost 8 inches from her body, dropped more than 8% body fat, and gained 15.5% muscle quality! She learned the value of meal prepping, and finding a balance with her nutrition. But don't take our word for's what Amanda had to say...

"Thank you for your help throughout this journey! Andrea has been a fantastic Coach and it has been a pleasure working with her and SoMoved Nutrition. The Precision Nutrition app and lessons have been immensely helpful as well in truly teaching me how to fuel my body and understand general wellness better. 

It has been amazing to experience first-hand how much of the advice we are always told (e.g., eat whole fruits and vegetables, reduce processed foods, etc.) truly is on target for getting in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I never would have thought simple changes like meal-prepping and monitoring my

macronutrients would be so effective for weight-loss and muscle gain, while supporting an active lifestyle. 

Going into this program, I really just wanted to find something sustainable that would keep me out of the “yo-yo challenge” zone that I was in. I never expected to get in the best shape of my life, to feel healthier than I ever have, to improve my athletic performance, and to totally revamp my relationship with food. I really can’t imagine going back to the way things were and I am so grateful to SoMoved for helping me take actionable steps to truly

make this lifestyle change.

Thank you again for the guidance and support! Thanks again!"


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