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SoSoSoMoved Holiday Health & Fitness Challenge!

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Dec 19-Jan 8, 2021 (3 weeks!!)

Hey Friends, the holiday season is upon us, and we have a simple 5 STEP CHALLENGE for you to keep you on track throughout the holiday and beyond! (We did this challenge in 2016 too and it got us all ready for the new year of focusing on our health and fitness. It can also help you get ready for a nutrition challenge coming in early 2022 - stay tuned for that).

Check out the 5 step challenge below, and if you’re on board, respond in the comments that you’re joining in. Feel free to share the Challenge with your friends and family and see if they might join you and support your efforts!

Here’s the skinny…

WHEN - The SoMoved 2021 Holiday Challenge starts Sunday, December 19 and ends Saturday, January 8 (It’s just 3 weeks, but perhaps the challenge will help you develop some great habits that take you well beyond that!).

WHAT – Follow the 5 steps below and share your pics, videos and stories right here on SoMoved (tag us in your posts @somovednutrition) with your progress for the chance at a SoMoved prize pack! We’ll draw out of posts and participants after the challenge is over.

1. Clean out Your Pantry – No, really, clean it ALL THE WAY OUT. As we all know, nutrition is the basis for good fitness. It gives you the greatest advantage. Even if you’re already a nutrition fanatic, there are probably a few things hanging out in your kitchen pantry in a box or a can or jar that are waiting to do your diet a disservice. Think sugar, flour, processed food, etc. Donate to the local food bank or simply dump those items to keep you from spreading the problem to others.

2. Get Your STATS by Getting a Physical Exam – It’s always surprising how many people avoid getting important information about the state of their current health, some out of fear of what they might discover, some out of lack of time. Commit to make an appointment to have a physical, including blood work that will give you information about your cholesterol (HDL and LDL), blood sugar (glucose and A1C), triglycerides, inflammation (C-Reactive Protein), and much more. Before you go, arm yourself with some knowledge about what your family members have suffered from over their lives, and ask your doc to test for those things in particular. If you’re living a stressful life and your diet is full of processed foods, sugar, starchy grains, and simple carbs, ask your doc to include a C-Reactive Protein test to measure inflammation. It was eye-opening for me years ago, and I learned that it can be controllable!

3. Do Body Maintenance Every Day– Most of us that are super active (like you folks doing CrossFit and other high intensity training), are pushing ourselves pretty hard at the gym, resting too little, and competing to be better every day, all while ignoring the post-workout cool down, stretching and mobility work. Commit to a post-workout routine, and a mobility session EVERY day. (That’s right, even if you’re off that day from working out and you’re just shopping, do this!). Check out your local yoga class, or dive into ROMWOD ( or MobilityWOD (, or simply take a moment to stretch! Take time every day to take care of your creaking parts and make yourself super supple and ready for your next workout and life in general.

4. Make a Post-Holiday Plan - most of us indulge a bit during the holidays, so once you’ve cleaned out the pantry - refill it and the fridge and freezer with meats, veggies, fruits, nuts and seeds and create a menu for a post holiday week! Include when you’ll grocery shop, prepare meals and get back on track. If you start with the plan, it can make it easier to come out of the holidays ready to go!

5. Work a Skill 5 Days a Week for 5 Minutes – Find at least one thing a day that you need to improve and work that skill. Whether it’s going for short jog, getting an unassisted pull-up, doing a free-standing handstand, getting those double unders, improving your air squat, or joining the muscle-up club, you’ll need to work a progression toward that skill. Find a partner or a coach and work an element of that skill for a short 5 minutes each day. For example, if you’re working on that pull-up, work on ring rows, and assisted pull-ups after each workout to build strength and practice your kipping movement and range of motion in the shoulder. Ask your trainer for ideas based on the movements you most need to work on and commit to focus on that movement during this challenge! If you don’t have a trainer, shoot me a note! (

Happy healthy holidays! Go get it!

Remember - opt in by commenting on our social media posts, find a buddy to do it with you if you like - and tag us in your IG and FB posts to be eligible for a SoMoved prize package!!

HoHoHoMoved. 🧑‍🎄


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