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"At a Crossroads" Client Profile: Diadra Griffin

We are so proud of Diadra Griffin's progress and her consistency in reaching her goals over a year working with us at SoMoved Nutrition. Diadra shed a lot of weight, body fat and inches all while gaining nearly 20% muscle quality. She's currently down 75 pounds from starting her health and fitness journey, has set incredible personal records and found that the progress was possible! We are so excited she wanted to share her experience working with us. She encapsulates our program so well below, and continues to impress us with her commitment to keep improving. Congratulations Diadra!

"I was EXTREMELY unhappy with my body and gained a lot of weight in a pretty short period of time. I thought my workouts were decent, and I always thought I ate fairly well. I felt bad and wondered 'why me' with the 'terrible metabolism' and the 'fat gene'. I just hit a wall. There came a point where I was at a crossroads and I decided I either have to get in shape now, or just stop trying and let it all go.

When I joined Crossfit Reston I quickly became frustrated because I could not keep up with most of the other athletes. I joined SoMoved because I wanted to become more lean, and also have more energy for the WODs. BEST decision I ever made. Sarah helped me to realize I do have control over my body and can make my goals come to fruition.

Sarah gave me the basics hour one… and while this was an introductory thing, it really opened my eyes. I have tried other nutritionists before who literally never told me anything I didn’t already know (eat vegetables, don’t eat sweets, exercise 3 times a week .... of course, lol). I had no idea sugar had like a thousand different names. I had no idea it was hidden in almost everything. I had no idea the impact insulin has on your body as it pertains to weight management. I could go on… I just had no idea haha.

The customized plan is amazing. I had freedom to make my own choices but also structure to get me where I wanted to be. I didn’t have to go to the grocery store and buy specific foods from a list and make meals exactly as outlined on a meal prep plan. Being able to make my own, educated, choices made me feel like I was in control and could make these changes permanent. Her plan also showed me that my previous thoughts about how healthy my meals were in the past were off, significantly. Following her plan gave me the look I wanted and the strength to improve in the gym!

Sarah gave me the knowledge I needed to be successful, and for that I am very grateful. If you’re thinking about joining her program, just do it because you will not regret it!"


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