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"My Rebalancing Act" Client Profile: Kathleen Wang

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Kathleen Wang completed the SoMoved Individual Nutrition Coaching Program, getting coaching support to reach her goals and we're grateful for her sharing her experience about it here. Kathleen's progress included dropping 18 lbs, 8.6% body fat, and more than 16 inches, while gaining 14.3% muscle quality and even gaining a bit of lean body mass through all of that. More importantly, she found a sustainable method that works for her to be consistent and not deprived. Congrats Kathleen!

"SoMoved Nutrition…My Rebalancing Act

I am constantly trying to find balance as an extremely busy, full-time working mom with two young kids… balance between home and work, balance with my emotions, and balance with my nutrition. The six months I spent working with Sarah ended up being a total rebalancing act for me…not just nutritionally, but emotionally and mentally as well.

My nutritional knowledge has been ever-changing and mostly flawed throughout my life. I grew up being taught a food pyramid in elementary school that recommended 6-11 servings of breads each day?! In high school, Kate Moss was the idealized body type and I thought that as long as food was “non-fat” (aka, packed with processed ingredients and sugar) it was okay to eat. More recently, I tried (and repeatedly failed) with 30-day elimination diets which ultimately left me feeling deprived and frustrated.

My nutritional IQ has improved so much since I began working with Sarah. I found that SoMoved offered a well-rounded and tailored approach to my nutrition. This approach (coupled with lifting heavier load at the gym) has helped me rebalance my mood, blood sugar levels, and have more energy throughout the day—not to mention I was able to lean out and feel better about my body :-).

I think what makes this program unique is that Sarah is constantly tracking your progress and adjusting your nutritional plan as you go.  It truly is tailored to your body and your body’s unique nutritional needs. I also had the pleasure of doing the SoMoved program with my husband and found it immensely helpful to have his support at home—especially since he’s a great cook; while me, not so much.

Looking back, I’m struck by how making small improvements to my diet over longer periods of time has had a larger and more sustained positive impact on my health compared to drastic changes over the short-term. I’m also reminded by how relentlessly positive Sarah is. Even when I thought I had a 'bad month' she somehow managed to identify some area of growth and improvement. This unconditionally positive approach helped me replace feelings of uncertainty and learn to recalibrate my expectations and goals so they were realistic and attainable. I’ve also come to realize that healthy eating and wellness is not a goal that you simply achieve or perfect, but rather an ongoing process of continuous improvement that will inevitably be marked by setbacks. I’m now more aware of how to make balanced eating choices and can recognize when my balance is off. I also have the knowledge and skills to rebound and get my eating habits back on track when I have a not so great day or even week of eating.

Thank you Sarah! You ROCK!"


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