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Managing Effects of Removing Sugar

Perhaps you're thinking of giving the no-sugar thing a go. You'd really be making one of the biggest self-care commitments you could for your body, We’re here to tell you that just a few days into stripping out sugar, the crazy things you might feel are normal. Your body is coming down from a drug, and that’s not a dramatic thing to say - it’s real! So let’s mentally prepare for what that looks and feels like so that it doesn’t throw you off course. Because, you know, the end result is pretty sweet (ha! Like what we did there?).

Low Energy, Tummy Weird, Brain Fog, Muscle Pains, Grrr. Depending upon how much and how frequently you were consuming sugar before removing it, you might be experiencing headaches, similar to caffeine withdrawal. Your energy may be low, stomach a little off, you might have a little brain fog, you may even have muscle pains or flu-like symptoms, and be particularly irritable. Your body is basically ditching a drug and the chemical reaction that is happening can be linked to these types of withdrawal symptoms. Your cravings for sugar and other junk carbs also may feel incredibly heightened, but don’t give in!  The discomfort will subside!  

Get Through That Withdrawal! What can you do during this part of the process to help combat some of these feelings?

Workout - exercise will help you sweat, feel energized, displace snacking, and help your body burn whatever excess toxins are hanging out.

Sleep - Get 7-8 hours of sleep  to help the body recover...going through withdrawals can be taxing to your system and sleep facilitates healing.

Go Play - Find alternative activities to keep you engaged when you’re itching for something sweet.

Combine Your Foods - Probably most helpful, every time you eat, eat balanced meals/snacks that combine macronutrients...protein, fat, and carbs (all whole, clean carbs please!). This will help keep you fuller for longer and curb some of those cravings you might be having. Taking this food balancing approach really helps regulate your insulin levels (the hormone that is secreted when you consume lots of food and particularly lots of sugar and junk carbs), and helps you combat the swings and withdrawal symptoms, making this phase of discomfort stick to your guns - you’ve got this!  


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