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Food Planning and Preparation Tips

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Planning Ahead and Preparing Your Food

Controlling what we consume is key to success for many of us!  Planning ahead and preparing your meals and snacks so you have that control and can limit the processed food and sugar you intake!  Many of our clients know that balancing the nutrients you consume can help to control how your body's hormones regulate energy, cravings, and being able to stay on track. Now's your chance to do some preparation to support that.  To do so, you can follow the steps in the graphic, but here are some things that will make all this possible:

Make a List of Foods You Actually Like - Think proteins, carbs and fats that are health, and no sugar or processed food.

Keep Food Combinations Simple - when planning meals and snacks, consider trimming back the number of ingredients and just pull together meals with all three macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbs).

Block Time on Your Calendar - If you do this, you'll reserve time, and won't schedule other activities that create excuses.

Get Your Network On Board - Let others around you (family, friends, coworkers) know what you're doing, so sabotage situations are less likely to happenGood luck with this week's challenge activity!


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