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Diversify Your Meal Plan with Recipes

Planning, prepping, and cooking more for yourself in a healthy, balanced way can be challenging if you're trying to always be creative and prepared. SoMoved Nutrition's got you covered!

Food For Thought Recipes! We've provided you a bank of recipes on our SoMoved Nutrition Food For Thought Blog, and you can search on an ingredient you might have in your kitchen or on your grocery list to find sugar-free, balanced, natural food recipes. Get creative and play around with some new recipes that let you branch out of your normal foods and still stay healthy and balanced.

We're In MyFitnessPal

And know that all of our recipes are entered into the MyFitnessPal app where you can track what you eat! Just enter SoMoved Nutrition and the name of the recipe and it'll pop up for you to enter how much you had - so easy if you're already tracking there!

Make Your Menu Diverse and Get More Healthy Nutrients Having a bank of recipes that you know you love, can prepare and will satisfy you and your family, will help you have success with your long-term nutrition. It makes it easy to pull a recipe and support the habits of meal planning, grocery shopping and prepping your meals ahead of time.  Diversifying your cooking also means you'll get a wider variety of nutrients (include micronutrients, the vitamins and minerals your body needs).  Start creating your own recipe bank today, and pull from ours to get you started!  


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