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Client Profile - Kate Schroeder

Kate's remarkable story isn't just about changing her body composition, it's about transforming her health. Yes, she lost more than 50 lbs working with SoMoved for a year, dropped her blood pressure from 135/96 to 110/80, shed 30 inches off of her frame, lost nearly 13% body fat and improved her muscle quality by almost 24%. But what she has accomplished beyond those numbers is inspiring and we're pumped that she was willing to share her perspectives on the experience so others can realize the possibilities of finding nutritional control. Thank you. Kate! Please read on folks...

"When I was 19, I lost my hair. After a lot of medical tests, they told me I had Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I was told that I would be on medication for the rest of my life and that I would always be tired and my weight would be a struggle. 

When I was 23, I began to gain weight at a rapid rate and was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). They added more medications to my regime and told me that I could expect to have diabetes at some point in the future. 

I worked out. I did the things the doctors told me. I walked five miles a day, I tried personal training, I tried a low fat diet, I saw a nutritionist. My weight continued to creep up. When I asked my doctor what to do, she suggested I try to only eat 1200 calories a day. I was even more tired and I was miserably hungry all the time. 

When I was 40 and weighing in at 250 pounds, I decided I had nothing left to lose and I was going to try this CrossFit thing that had captured my curiosity. It was so hard, I hurt every day but I liked it and kept going. I started to see small changes in my body going in the right direction for the first time in over 20 years. 

I kept looking at the SoMoved website and wondered if maybe, just maybe, I could get better at CrossFit and get stronger if I could figure out the nutrition piece. Eventually, I took the plunge and signed up for an appointment. 

Sarah’s enthusiasm was encouraging but I honestly didn’t believe that I would lose weight or body fat. Every doctor I had had for over 20 years had assured me that it was my lot in life to be tired and overweight. All I wanted was to get stronger and maybe be a bit less sore. 

Imagine my shock when for the first time in my life the scale really started to move the other way, every month I got better, every month I saw results, every month I learned a bit more about how to help myself. Nutrition really seemed to be the key. With SoMoved, I wasn’t starving and I was feeling better every day. 

At 43, my blood work shows that I am no longer pre-diabetic and they are taking me off some of my medications. The doctor tells me that this is the first time that she has seen this happen. I am much stronger and not as sore. I have energy that I didn’t know I could have. Yes, I also lost a lot of weight and my body fat dropped considerably. However, I am reminded how far I have come when I no longer pull that pill bottle out of the medicine cabinet. 

It really is possible to get better but nutrition is such a huge part of the fitness journey. Sarah worked with me every step of the way and encouraged me even when I was skeptical. I still have a long way to go on this journey but SoMoved has given me tools to help me find my way. Thank you."


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