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The Gift of Health at 60! Client Profile - Esther Camarotte

Congratulations to our client Esther Camarotte, who completed our 3 Month Individual Nutrition Coaching Program surprising herself and her doctors, that at 60 years old she could find consistency, sustainability and a healthier lifestyle!

Esther looks and feels amazing (see her after headshot at right, and her before headshot below -- we know, we can’t believe she’s 60 either!). She lost 14 lbs and 14.5 inches, dropped 7.7% body fat while improving her muscle quality by 8.7%, and gained several pounds of lean body mass.  This busy real estate agent found solid ground nutritionally while improving her mile run times, PRing lifts in the gym and tackling her health goals. Here’s her relatable story she shared with us...

"I am writing this because every day I step on the scale every day I can't believe I did it.  I have said before and will say again I didn't know how fat I was until I saw how fat I was.  I came to SoMoved because I really was at my wit's end trying to figure this all out.  I had lost weight 9 years ago about 38 lbs in 7 weeks but this was because I dropped all the processed foods, sodas, fast food, cookies, etc. and I walked 6 miles every single day. I would drop weight but back up I always went.  I lost and gained the same 5 to 9 lbs over and over. 

I was initially very hesitant to sign on for nutrition coaching. I was scared, I felt the accountability would be too much, and that I would starve and fail again.  Boy was I surprised.  That first time I saw my planned intake, I said to myself ’OMG I am going to starve!‘ Big surprise...I ended up finding out how much I could I actually eat.  My success came quickly as everyone around me saw me transform in front of them.  I did not see it until the third month.  My scale shows me down 14 lbs, I had to buy new clothes, I feel incredible, and my energy is through the roof. 

That first month it took me 10 days to figure it all out, the second month I got injured and was off the gym floor for almost 3 weeks and I still lost weight.  That 3rd month when I saw my scale drop below 120 lbs the tears fell down my face as I never thought I would ever be able to succeed as I did. It's been 40 years since I have seen that weight.

I learned so much from my coach, Rachel.  I built great habits that I am continuing.  I have adopted this as a lifestyle.  Most importantly, I gave myself the gift of health at 60 years old.  My doctor was astonished at my weight and more importantly my bloodwork which came back to her satisfaction.  As 60-year-old women we constantly hear that after menopause we are sort of doomed that we are never going to lose the weight...blah blah blah.  I am here to say ‘nonsense’ — don't believe the lies and misinformation.

I can't thank you enough for the guidance and for your friendship on this journey.  I highly recommend you and everything SoMoved Nutrition does.  I am one of your success stories for sure.”

- Esther Camarotte


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