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CrossFit Reston & CrossFit Fairfax

Time to Kick the Sugar - You're Sweet Enough Already!  We're going back to the basics with this fundamental, totally doable challenge that can help you win at your pre-holiday health & wellness and even WIN some sweet PRIZES along the way. Cutting sugar is a simple effort that you can do with your friends and family from NOVEMBER 5 - NOVEMBER 30, 2018!  And don't worry about signing up for a challenge with the Thanksgiving holiday smack dab in the middle of it all!  We've got you covered with a "cheat day" on turkey day! 


Grab some friends, Register by November 4 (the cost to play is $25), participate in the simple steps below, and be eligible for PRIZES including massages, fitness apparel, CrossFit membership benefits, fresh food delivery, long-term online nutrition coaching, body composition & health marker testing, other great prizes, and all the fun, fitness, food and community that comes with the challenge!   (*prizes will go to weekly and overall winners at each gym, as well as overall winners for non-members)


The challenge involves very simple steps...Eat No Sugar, Complete a Weekly Challenge Activity, Read a Daily Nutrition Email, and Do A Little CrossFit! We'll send you smart nutritional information and guidance every day to help support your sugar-free month. You'll learn how your body performs and feels shedding the sugar toxins, reducing cravings, binges, insulin spikes, and fatigue. You'll even have online access to everyone else doing the challenge!   Let's get going!! 

Just because you're wondering...we're letting you have one alcoholic drink per week max (but none is better).  You'll be eating real, whole, unprocessed food (cause you know sugar lives in that processed food).  No Sugar means no added sugars (so you can have fruit and veggies, but not juices and those used as added sweeteners).  Yes, that means no...sugar, honey, agave, maple, stevia, artificial sweeteners and the tons of other types of sugar and sugar-like additives, etc.  Is that possible?  YES! And this challenge is about giving it a try to see how your body responds.  IT CAN BE AMAZING - and SO CAN YOU!  We'll help you out along the way!

Choose Nov 4 Date Below to Register for the Challenge

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