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September 1-30, 2021

Registration is now Open!

Register before Sept 1, and you're IN and ready to get UNSWEETENED with this special Black Widow CrossFit edition of the UNSWEETENED Challenge!  It's also your chance to participate, get great results, and be eligible for some prizes!

Getting CONTROL over what you eat comes from eating in a way that controls your body's response to food. Our aim is to help you access that control. We took the UNSWEETENED challenge and customized it for Black Widow CrossFit, making it super accessible and we're excited about the results you can get from this really simple, 4-week journey to improve your health, performance, body composition, and just make you feel better!


Grab some friends from the gym or even family and friends, Register by August 31, participate in the simple steps, and find some success. We'll be sending you rich, relevant nutritional information, recipes, some motivation, and some simple tasks to keep you on track (from trimming back your sugar consumption bit by bit, to knowing about the primary nutrients you need, to finding control over how you eat).


We'll even provide a space for you to connect with your gym buds to help you stay motivated together! Your Challenge begins Wednesday, September 1, 2021!

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