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COURTNEY TROWBRIDGE, Certified Nutrition Coach

Courtney is a Certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition (PNL1) and has a passion for inspiring, helping, and supporting others achieve their unique journeys of change. Courtney draws on personal experience to relate to clients’ challenges and assist them in living more happy, healthy, and confident lives. She is zealous about the art of coaching people through changes, as well as putting nutritional science into applicable practice.

Courtney is an educator, with a Masters in Elementary Education. This role has allowed her to gain valuable experience in building relationships, collaboration, strategic planning, goal setting, assessment, data collection and analysis. As a fitness coach since 2014, she has trained adult, teen, and children athletes as a CrossFit coach.  She also has experience working in a small group fitness and nutrition setting with children.

Courtney was a recreational athlete throughout high school. In college, her excitement and passion for personal growth through nutrition and fitness began.

Sarah Mills
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