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A 30-Day Challenge to
Live a Sweeter Life
Eat Well - Find Control

Sign up by October 15, 2023




Challenge Runs

November 1-30, 2023

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Ready to get UNSWEETENED? Getting CONTROL over what you eat comes from eating in a way that controls your body's response to food! This 30-Day Challenge is aimed at helping you access that control using small adjustments, and we're excited about the results you can get from this really simple journey to improve your health, performance, body composition, and just make you BETTER, not bitter!  Jump into this totally doable challenge to have some structure and nutritional knowledge to support your health and fitness, and feel amazing. 


The UNSWEETENED Challenge can give you structure and skills to:

  • Control what you can while some things are out of your control

  • Ditch addiction to sugar and processed food

  • Learn how your body responds to food

  • Find some new exciting foods that you and your family may love

  • Kick cravings to the curb

  • Have energy throughout your day

  • Sleep better at night

  • Boost athletic performance

  • Get better results from your workouts

  • Improve your health markers & body composition


You can do it solo, get your gym together, recruit your family at home, or message some friends to sign up, too, so you can stay connected.

We'll send you smart nutritional information and guidance during the challenge, and some simple tasks to help you get there. You'll learn how your body performs and feels shedding sugar toxins, reducing cravings, binges, insulin spikes, and fatigue.

​And, just because you're wondering...

You'll be encouraged to eat real, whole, unprocessed food on this challenge (cause you know sugar lives in that processed food). But with a focus on understanding how balancing your food intake can help control cravings! Going UNSWEETENED for some means removing added sugars and extra sweeteners, but it also can mean learning to eat things in combination (even the occasional comfort food) that supports making it easy to be healthy and make progress. Is that possible?  YES!  And this challenge is about taking steps to see how your body responds.  IT CAN BE AMAZING - and SO CAN YOU! 

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