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Rachel's Potato Salad

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

There are so many different potato salad recipes out there and you might not know where to start, but our very own Coach Rachel has you covered with her version! This potato salad still gives you a creamy flavor without all of the fat and sugar that we see loaded into so many recipes, and has some additional protein! It's perfect for a summer cookout and still gives you some good balance of nutrients. Pair it with your favorite meat dish, and you're all set

Macronutrient Balance: 7g Protein / 10g Fat / 21g Carbohydrates - this makes 6 (6.6-ounce) servings 


  • 1lb 11 oz of red baby potatoes - cut in half

  • 4 Tbsp mayo

  • 4 Tbsp 2% plain greek yogurt

  • 4 boiled eggs

  • 1 green onion - the whole stalk shopped into thin pieces

  • 2 tsp salt

  • 1/2 tsp black pepper

  • sprinkle of paprika


  1. In a small pot, add 4 eggs, bring to a boil, and cook for 14 minutes.

  2. Remove eggs from water, let cool, peel back shells, and cut into quarters. 

  3. Fill a large pot of water with a pinch of salt and add cut potatoes. Bring to a boil and let cook for approximately 25 minutes, until potatoes are fork tender. Drain and let cool. (TIP - let the potatoes come to a boil with the water so that the potatoes cook evenly. Boiling water first and then adding the potatoes allows for an uneven cook with the outside cooking at a faster rate than the center). 

  4. In a large mixing bowl, add the cooled potatoes, yogurt, mayo, green onions, salt and pepper, and mix. Use a potato masher to lightly mash. You want some creaminess from the potatoes, but still some chunks. 

  5. Gently mix in the boiled eggs, sprinkle with paprika and some additional black pepper and serve warm or cold. 



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