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Pan Seared Chicken Breast

Get tired of eating chicken breasts because they can be boring or dry? Welcome to your new recipe to bring you back to loving chicken! This recipe is more about method than flavor...we found a way to pan sear chicken breasts that allows for a nice browning/crisp on the outside, yet leaves the inside SO juicy, we just can't get over it!

Macronutrient Balance: 34g Protein / 10g Fat / 0g Carbohydrates - this makes 2 (4.5oz) servings


  • 2 chicken breast or 1 large chicken breast cut in half - approximately 10.5 oz

  • 1 Tbsp of grapeseed oil (olive oil works, too)

  • Mix of seasonings you like (we used salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, and smoked paprika as an easy go-to)


  1. Heat oil in a medium sized pan and let the temp sit at medium to high heat.

  2. Add in chicken breast and cover the pan with foil (don't use a lid - use foil) and set a timer for 6 minutes.

  3. Remove foil and flip the chicken breasts (there should be a nice sear on them), cover with foil and let cook for an additional 5 minutes. 

  4. Remove chicken from the pan and put on a plate and cover with foil and let rest for an additional 5 minutes. This will allow for the natural juices to come out and let the chicken's internal temperature come down. If you cut into it too early, you'll lose the moisture in the chicken. Serve with one of our delicious side dishes on the blog, add to a salad, or use it for our chicken salad recipe and enjoy!  



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