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Breakfast Taco

All of you people from Texas are going to appreciate this one. And for all of you other people who have never had a breakfast taco, we're sorry! But here it is and we're excited about it! The main ingredients you'll see in most breakfast tacos are the tortilla, eggs, and salsa - the rest is really up for you to play with. Meat topping options are bacon, chorizo, and steak. You can dress it up with cilantro, jalapenos, diced white onion, or queso fresco based on your own nutrition plan.

Serving size: This recipe makes 1 delicious taco

Macronutrient Balance: 13g Protein / 19g Fat / 18g Carbohydrates 


1 corn tortilla

1 strip thick cut bacon - cooked

1 egg 

1/2 Tbsp heavy whipping cream (optional but included in the macros here)

1/4 Tbsp butter

1 Tbsp salsa 

1 oz avocado 

salt and pepper to taste


  1. In a small bowl, whisk egg with heavy whipping cream. 

  2. Heat butter in a small skillet and cook egg until scrambled to your liking, season with salt and pepper to taste. 

  3. Heat up corn tortilla and top with the scrambled egg, avocado, bacon and salsa. SO EASY!



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