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Live With Intention Heading into MEMORIAL DAY...Because Someone Made the Ultimate Sacrifice So That You Can

May 1 - May 27, 2019

We know many of our partners, clients, and friends challenge themselves to a physical fitness challenge around Memorial Day to honor the sacrifices others have made for all of us, and we want to help you get ready with NUTRITIONAL PREPAREDNESS!  Whether you're a CrossFit athlete prepping to do THE MURPH CHALLENGE, a race to honor and memorialize a hero that inspires you, or just get ready for summer by living with intention. Get ready with this Nutrition Challenge to focus you on being intentional with your training AND supportive of it with your nutrition.


Grab your friends and family, Register below by April 30, 2019, participate in the simple challenge, and we'll help you get ready for your Memorial Day (May 27) event or life beyond that. Cost to participate is just $20 and we're going to donate 25% of your registration for this challenge to THE NAVY SEAL FOUNDATION, to support your efforts and this important organization that provides immediate and ongoing support and assistance to the Naval Special Warfare community and its families!  And because of YOUR Heroic efforts, participating fully makes you eligible to win prizes! 


The challenge involves some simple steps to help your NUTRITIONAL PREPAREDNESS.  We'll send you some nutrition information, guidance, and some fun fitness tasks for you and your buds to do each week of the month to get you prepared. Clean Up Your Food (Be a Real Food Hero!), play around with finding the balance of nutrients that work for you and your training (Be A Macro Balance Hero!), and complete some simple training tasks to get you ready for MURPH, your RACE, or your LIFE!  

Accept this Challenge to Live With Intention

Because Someone Made the Ultimate Sacrifice So That You Can


Sign Up By April 30, 2019

Click below and choose April 30, 10pm

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